Caesarea, Acco and Rosh Hanikra Cliff Tour

Private Tour Description

Israel’s northern coast is a land filled with ancient ruins, hidden secrets, and natural wonders. Visit Caesarea - marvel at the sophistication of one of the greatest architectural and engineering achievement of ancient times.  Explore Acco - once the capital of the Crusaders' kingdom and later an Ottoman port city who managed to stand the fierce armies of Napoleon. 

Just before sunset, visit one of Israel's most scenic and beautiful spot - Rosh Hanikra. Enjoy a breathtaking cable ride, down the white cliffs and into the blue caves and ponds crafted by the sea. 

The following is the suggested itinerary for a day tour of Caesarea, Acco and Rosh Hanikra. You will be able to set the pace of the tour, get answers to all of your questions and enjoy the benefits of a dedicated private tour guide and private vehicle. This tour can be customized to match your personal preferences and any group size.

Why book Caesarea, Acco, and Rosh Hanikra Tour?

  • The most experienced, licensed tour guide to this area
  • Luxurious, safe, comfortable transportation
  • Pickup from anywhere in Israel
  • Complete flexibility 
  • Help in planning your itinerary
  • Competitive rates for a private tour

Optional Private Tour Plan

Your day will begin when our guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel or any address you will provide in Israel. If done on a weekday, we recommend an early start to avoid the rush hour traffic. 

Driving through Israel's coastal highway you will arrive at your first stop - The ancient ruins of Caesarea.
These well-preserved ruins, of one of the most important port cities of Roman times, is, until today, a true engineering wonder. Featuring an artificial port, a Roman Theatre, an Hypodrom and a beautifully preserved aqueduct Caesarea is a stunning example of ancient world life and achievements. 

Your next stop will be Acco (Acre). Today, it is a mixed Jewish/Arab city, with an ancient, living and sizzling heart. Surrounded by thick walls, this beautiful port town, has some ancient secret to tell. Once the capital and the last stronghold of the Crusaders in the holy land. Under the city, lie a complex system of halls and passages which were once the home of the different knights' orders. 

Acco is not just about history. It is a beautiful, Mediterranean port city, with a great option to enjoy local cuisine - Humus, Freshly Caught fish, Falafel and more. 

Next, you will head north for another half an hour drive along the coast, until you reach the border of Israel and Lebanon. The point of Rosh Hanikra (translated in English as the Head of the Creek) is known for its breathtaking views. You will descend by cable car down the white cliffs and into the blue ponds and caves crafted by the sea for millions of years. In the right season, you may be on time for the sunset which will provide you with that perfect Kodak moment. 

Tour Details:

Departure: Daily
From: anywhere in Israel.
Departure: Time: Usually 7:00 am on weekdays, to avoid traffic. 
Tour Duration - 9 hours 

  Rates With Private Transportation*  Rates Without Transportation *
1-4 Persons $550 $300
5-6 Persons $585 $350
7-9 $690 $385
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* Rates based on Tel Aviv departure. 
* Rates without transportation for travelers who wish to rent their own transportation.

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