Daniel Rosenblum


Guide Profile

  • Name Daniel Rosenblum
  • Gender: Male
  • City of Residence: Jerusalem
  • Primary Languages: Italian
  • Other Languages: English, Hebrew
  • Licensed Guide: since 2001
Language: English, Hebrew | Italian

Israel Tour Guide – Daniel Rosenblum

Background: Daniel was born in 1956 in Jerusalem to Jewish French immigrants of the new born country of Israel. Today he lives in Tel Aviv, married with 3 children. He served in the army in the Armor Brigade. After the army he took part in the foundation of a new kibbutz in the desert.
In 2002 he was sent by the Jewish Agency for two years mission in Paris. He represented Israel, lecturing in Communities all over France, participating in a Weekly Radio program and consulting young Jewish students about life and absorption programs in Israel.
Daniel came back to Israel and became a senior guide of the Tel Aviv Tourist Association. Over the years Daniel has lead over 20,000 tourists. Christians and Jewish, groups and individuals, people of different backgrounds and nationalities.
Daniel guides in English, French, Italian and German.
Education: Behavioral Sceinces at Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheva. 2 Years Tour Guide School of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.
Famous Important Guests - President of Motorola, Prime Minister of the European Community, Mayors of Toulouse and Montpelier, France. A delegation of the German Defense Ministry. The writer Wayne Jacobsen, The singer Sinead O'Connor and many other church leaders, Journalists, artists and business men.
About myself: My love for Israel and the love I have for people are my greatest assets. What thrills me is taking part in people's excitement as they discover Israel, and making a difference in the way they see my country.

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