About Israel Private Tour Guide

Israel Private Tour Guide was formed on 2003 by a small group of "elite" tour guides who shared a passion for the profession and the land. Today it is one of the leading Israel tour guide services with dozens of private tours running throughout Israel at any given time.

From the beginning, our goal was to provide and maintain the highest standards of guidance, service and reliability. For this reason, we accepted into our small group of professionals only top rated, well known guides, each with proven track record and the right attitude and values.

We believe a private tour, especially to a rich, diverse land like Israel, should be tailor-made to your needs, interests and budget. We will listen to you, and together, we will plan a once-in-a-life-time Israel experience - your experience.


1. A distinguished and experienced Israeli tour guide - All of our Israel Tour Guides are Ministry of Tourism certified and are deeply knowledgeable in the history, archeology, religious landmarks, lifestyle and landscape of Israel. They are all highly trained and experienced in organizing and serving individuals and small groups with special interests and needs

2. A tailor-made guided tour of Israel – Whatever your interests and needs are, we will match them with the right guide and plan to match your expectations.

3. hassle-free private tour of Israel – You will tell us what you need and we will get it for you. From airport pickup to hotel reservations we can take care of all aspects of your private tour to Israel, leaving you with only one task, fully enjoying your Israel experience.

4. Maximum Flexibility – If before or during your trip you wish to your itinerary we will do anything in our power to do so. Too hot to climb the Massada trail in the desert? Why not going for a cold desert swim at the ancient springs of Ein Fashcha instead?

5. Luxurious and comfortable private transportation – We want you to sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday. We will provide you with comfortable and reliable transportation for your private tour of Israel. All of our vehicles are new, comfortable and fully air conditioned.

6. Maximum Personal Safety – As you will see for yourself, Israel is a peaceful and prosperous land. Nevertheless, like any other place in the world, knowing your way around is important. With our experienced private guides, you will be able to enjoy your tour of Israel without ever bothering yourself with safety issues.
If you have any more questions or inquiries regarding our reputation, or just want some more general information about traveling to Israel, please fell free to contact Israel Private Tour Guide by filling the form below or just call us!